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The Online School started in the middle of January 2021! This is an online lesson through videos.
By the way, have you ever had a problem with your painting through a video lesson? Don’t worry.
My lesson is different from other general painting lessons that you just look at. My lessons have a good amount of practice time with me together. I’m guiding you well so you can practice happily without stress. So, don’t just watch the video, be sure to actually draw with me. The experience of using your hands and actually drawing is very important.

What is Sumie?

Sumie is one of the most popular ink brush painting techniques in Asian countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea.
The pictures drawn by Sumi (black ink) are generally called “Suiboku-ga” or “Sumi-e” in Japan. It is said that “Sumi-e” is the most popular way of saying overseas.
Sumi-e basically uses only black ink but sometimes uses a little bit of other pigments as well. (Sumi-e with other pigments is called Bokusaiga.)
Sumi-e came from China with Zen in 13th century. And after then, Sumi-e has made its own development in Japan.
About the painting techniques, the Sumie uses various techniques of gradation, shading, bleeding, blurring. Such techniques can be obtained through changing the amount of water added to the ink. I’m sure you will be absorbed in mastering this technique.

What is Japanese Gongbi?

Gongbi Painting is a type of Asian painting that has beautiful gradation.
This technique uses highly detailed brushstrokes. It requires drawing with fine outlines and adding washes of ink and color layer by layer with gradation. By using this technique you’ll achieve the perfection of exquisiteness and fine art.
From 2009 to 2016, Yukakako studied under Miho-Sensei, a leading person in Japanese gongbi painting, in Japan. As a scholarship student of the Japanese government, Miho-Sensei studied at the China Academy of Art, which is the most famous art school in China, and was the first Japanese to officially complete a master’s degree.
Japanese Gongbi Painting is more sensitive and delicate than Chinese Gongbi Painting.


We prepared  Online School, SumiE, Japanese Gongbi and four workshops. Furthermore, you can take a private lesson.


Online School

€29 /mo

SumiE 水墨画

€65 /mo

Japanese Gongbi 工筆画

TOTAL €224

Private Lesson

€65 /hour


You can check the schedules for 2021.



Miriam T

It’s been really nice to explore a set of techniques in painting with black ink! I keep on wondering about the power of suggestion that can be achieved by such simple methods! Thematically the course is very diverse. With confidence I can say that I will attain my personal goals because of this. Thank you very much Yuka!

Daniëlle J

I’ve learned a lot during the LAK course and the 2 years of Sumi-e lessons. I have to say that It was quite a journey and sometimes I struggled with even the simplest brushstrokes, but It’s all worth it in the end. Because you’ll leave with some pretty nice artworks, if I say so myself. Thank you so much Yuka, you’re a great teacher!