I planned another date, on 27(Sat) & 28(Sun), 2019 July as well. Some seats are still available. If interest, pls let me know.(Wrote 29 May, 2019)

※ Already full booking on 6 & 7 July! Thank you so much for joining! (Wrote 21 May, 2019)If there is anybody wants to join, pls let me know. I will arrange another date after gathering more than 3 participants.

Summer intensive course of Japanese Gongbi Painting will be held in July, 2019.

What is “Japanese Gongbi Painting (日本工筆画)”

Japanese Gongbi Painting means one kind of Asian painting that has beautiful gradation. The technique uses highly detailed brushstrokes and it requires drawing with fine outlines of the objects at first, and then adds washes of ink and color layer by layer with gradation, so as to approach the perfection of exquisiteness and fine art.

Malus halliana 60x

Your benefit

– You can get one special brush for Gongbi Painting as a present!

– You can add the new technique of “Japanese Gongbi Painting” into your present painting techniques as well.   


– First day: 6 (Sat) July 2019, 14:00-17:00、2019

– Second day: 7 (Sun) July 2019, 14:00-17:00, 2019

– Subject: Malus halliana

– Place: SumiE Art Studio in Leiden

– Participants: max. 5 persons, over 18 years old

– Price: €65 (tuition for two times, including tax and all materials)

Cancellation fees:

  • One week before the workshop 50% of payment will be charged
  • Three days before the workshop 100% of payment will be charged