Monthly Gongbi Painting lessons start on September 2019!

Monthly Gongbi Painting lessons

Monthly lessons of gaining certificate of Gongbi Painting started in Leiden on September 2019. It is the course for two years. People can join from any month in the middle. For example, if a person join from this April, the last lesson would be next next March.

Temporary participants are not allowed. This is a two-year monthly course.

What is “Gongbi Painting (工筆画)”

Gongbi Painting means one kind of Asian painting that has beautiful gradation. The technique uses highly detailed brushstrokes and it requires drawing with fine outlines of the objects at first, and then adds washes of ink and color layer by layer with gradation, so as to approach the perfection of exquisiteness and fine art.

Malus halliana 60x

Your benefit

When you open your Gongbi Painting class as a teacher after getting the certificate, you can use the texts and videos made by Sumi-E Art Studio.

Gongbi Painting timetable

Regarding the certification of Gongbi Painting by Sumi-E Art Studio, there are one condition;

1. Submitting 11 tasks (See below) and acceptance by Sumi-E Art Studio

Schedule of 11 tasks to gain certificate of Gongbi Painting

1. morning glorySeptember, October of the first year

2. lotusNovember, December of the first year

3. magnoliaJanuary, February of the first year 

4. dragonMarch, April of the first year  

5. wisteriaMay, June of the first year 

6. roseJuly, August of the first year 

7. cyclamen & butterflySeptember, October of the second year

8. sasanquaNovember, December, January of the second year 

9. goldfishFebruary, March, April of the second year

10. hydrangeaMay, June of the second year

11. okuraJuly, August of the second year  

What to do if you’ve missed a lesson?

(Basically, people living in the Netherlands have to join every month unless it is unavoidable.) Regarding the absence of a monthly lesson for gaining the certification, there are 2 options:

1. You can take the lesson of the month that you’ve missed together with your next monthly lesson (Note: you can only take the lesson previous of the next month.) In this case, you’d take two lessons together. For example, if you can’t attend the lesson in February, you can take the lesson of March together with the lesson of February. Normally one monthly lesson is 3 hours 30 minutes , but in this case, you’ll have 2 hours for the lesson of February + 2 hours for the lesson of March = total 3 hours 30 minutes.

* Regarding the tuition, one lesson is €65. The total tuition is €65 (for February) + €65 (for March) = €130.

2. You need to wait 2 years to take the lesson, because the cycle of the monthly lessons are 2 years.

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