Itō Jakuchū exhibition is held at Jotenkaku Museum in Kyoto this spring!

“The 300th Anniversary of his Birth: Jakuchu”  is held at Jotenkaku Museum in Kyoto until 21st May, 2017.
You can see a lot of his famous works, especially about birds such as chickens and cockatoos.

“Itō Jakuchū (2 March 1716 – 27 October 1800)  was a Japanese painter of the mid-Edo period when Japan had closed its doors to the outside world. Many of his paintings concern traditionally Japanese subjects, particularly chickens and other birds. Many of his otherwise traditional works display a great degree of experimentation with perspective, and with other very modern stylistic elements.

Itō Jakuchū was the eldest son of Itō Genzaemon, a Kyoto grocer whose shop, called Masuya, lay in the center of downtown, in the Nishiki food district. Jakuchū ran the shop from the time of his father’s death in 1739 until 1755, when he turned it over to one of his brothers.

Most of Jakuchū’s works were in the form of hanging scrolls, painted in a combination of Chinese and traditional Japanese methods and styles. A very common theme among his work is birds, in particular chickens and roosters, though several of his more famous paintings depict cockatoos, parrots, and phoenixes.” (from Wikipedia)

If you come from Tokyo, it is the best to use not air plane but Sinkansen. In case of Nozomi (super express Shinkansen), it takes around 2 hours 20 minutes from Tokyo Station to Kyoto Station. If you use an air plane, it would take double time! Because you have to use the Kansai International Airport and this airport is so far from Kyoto.

The time table of Shinkansen is here.

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