Enjoy Sumie (Beginners1) Online lesson starts from spring in 2020!


Enjoy Sumie (Beginners1) – Online live lesson

Monthly lesson of Enjoy Sumie (Beginners1) Online live lesson starts from April in 2020. It is the course for one yearPeople can join from any month in the middle. For example, if a person join from this June, the last lesson would be next next May.

  • lesson : once a month
  • lesson time : 3 hours / one time

Temporary participants are not allowed. This is a one-year monthly course.

Your benefit

When you finish this course, you can get the certificate of Sumie – Beginners1 by Sumie Art Studio.

Schedule of 12 tasks to gain certificate of Enjoy Sumie (Beginners1 )

1. bamboo (in the fine day, in the windy day)

2. bamboo (in the rainy day, bamboo shoots)

3. Orchid

4. Plum tree

5. Chrysanthemum

6. Vegetables

7. Celosia cristata + Pampas grass

8. Iris

9. Hydrangea

10. Morning glory

11. Insect

12. Camellia

What to do if you’ve missed a lesson?

(Basically, people living in the Netherlands have to join every month unless it is unavoidable.) Regarding the absence of a monthly lesson for gaining the certificate, there are 3 options:

1. You can take the lesson of the month that you’ve missed together with your next monthly lesson (Note: you can only take the lesson previous of the next month.) In this case, you’d take two lessons together. For example, if you can’t attend the lesson in February, you can take the lesson of March together with the lesson of February. Normally one monthly lesson is 3 hours, but in this case, you’ll have the lesson of February + the lesson of March = total 3 hours.

* Regarding the tuition, total is two lessons price.

2. You need to wait the next cycle of the monthly lessons.

3. You can take a private lesson for 1 hour.

※ link of date : here

※ link of price : here