Enjoy Sumie (Beginners)

Monthly lesson of Enjoy Sumie (Beginners) Online lessonstarts from April in 2020. People can join from any month in the middle. The cycle of this course is a two-years.


Subscription service


Once a month


3 hours / one time


Online lesson

Note: Temporary participants are allowed. Because this course is a subscription model.

Enjoy Sumie (Beginners) timetable – first half


bamboo (in the fine day, in the windy day)


bamboo (in the rainy day, bamboo shoots)




Plum tree






Celosia cristata + Pampas grass






Morning glory





Enjoy Sumie (Beginners) timetable – second half

Coming soon!

What to do if you’ve missed a lesson?

Regarding the absence of a lesson, there are 2 options:

  1. You need to wait for the next cycle (two years) of the monthly lesson.
  2. You can take a private lesson for 1 hour until the end of next month of the lesson you were planning to join.